April 10, 2017

AIM Development (USA), LLC vs. Benton County

Represented by Nicholas Furia and Jeffrey McNaught, AIM Development (USA) wins their property tax appeal for a paper mill and hydroelectric dam owned by AIM Development (USA), LLC. The case involved the assessed market value of the property Benton County, MN Property Taxes and the decision resulted in a substantial property tax refund.

The original property tax assessments for the paper mill and hydroelectric dam were based on the County’s assessed market value of $23,554,500 as of January 2, 2012. After the two-day trial, the Minnesota Tax Court held that the correct market value for the property shall be reduced to $10,452,000 and that real estate taxes due and payable in 2013 shall be recomputed accordingly and refunds shall be paid to AIM Development (USA), LLC.

See the full court decision AIM Develop v Benton Co 04-10-17 Tax Court Decision.