Ricky Perez, AMA

Ricky Perez is a Tax Analyst with over 10 years of property tax experience within state and local government and holds an Accredited Minnesota Assessor (“AMA”) license as well as a real estate sales license.

Prior to joining the Law Offices of Nicholas A. Furia, PLLC, Ricky was a commercial real estate appraiser with Ramsey County where he valued a variety of property types and handled the very challenging downtown St. Paul area. Ricky also handled all exempt property applications/decisions for Ramsey County. During his time at Ramsey County, he was a member for the Minnesota Association of Assessing Officers (“MAAO”) legislative committee, where he testified multiple times in front of the Minnesota House and Senate tax committees regarding proposed property tax legislation. Additionally, Ricky was a member of the Institution of Purely Public Charity Review Board, comprised of members of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, the Department of Revenue, and the Minnesota Association of Assessing Officers.

Prior to working for Ramsey County, Ricky was a Senior Property Tax Administrator with the Minnesota Department of Revenue (“DOR”). Ricky obtained his assessors license at the DOR and became an instructor to newer entry-level assessors. He also testified in front of joint house and senate property tax committees regarding reports such as the Property Values and Assessment Practices Report. During his tenure at the DOR, Ricky wrote hundreds of letters to assessors detailing the correct application of Minnesota assessment laws and procedures.

Ricky holds B.A. from Hamline University in Political Science. Ricky has taken numerous property tax courses presented by MAAO, IAAO, and the Appraisal Institute. In Ricky’s free time, he enjoys playing hockey and is a former Division I referee.

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