Why Have My Property Tax Assessment Reviewed?

Landlords and Property Managers: In order to remain competitive with other properties, it is imperative that you have a property tax expert review your property’s assessment each year to determine whether it is too high.

If your assessment is too high, either you or your tenants are paying a disproportionate share of taxes. Moreover, many other landlords are already contesting their taxes. If your property’s taxes are higher than those of your competitors, you will have difficulty leasing your space and selling your property at the right price.

Why Have A ReviewOwner-Users and Net Lease Tenants: As an owner-user or tenant under a net lease, you are paying the property taxes directly, rather than passing those expenses through to your tenant. Accordingly, an accurate property tax assessment is extremely important because property taxes are often your building’s most significant operating expense each year. Without someone versed in valuation and the local commercial real estate market reviewing your assessment each year, you may be directly and unnecessarily cutting into your company’s bottom line.

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